airclean 3d 900 vb

The built-in down-draft-component.

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airclean 3d 900 vb

The main function the patented air-cleaning-system® (acs®) fulfills is to extract unpleasant cooking vapours, grease, unhealthy moisture and odours right in front of the custumer and operator.
The air is suctioned off and cleaned of grease and odours as they pass through the filter components. With this technique the amount of energy used for space heating can be reduced to a minimum, since the warmed air is not blown out into the environment.


L x W x H 1150 x 545 x 1125 mm
Specific dimensions Top: 1150 x 325 x 325 mm, Substructure: 860 x 545 x 800 mm
Weight 10 kg
Specific features worktop depth: min. 600 mm,
carcass width: 900 mm
Connected load 0,4 kW
Rated voltage 1 N AC 230 V 50/60 Hz
Order no. 92 50 10 50

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