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The vaculid is a significant innovation in the field of modern meals preservation, preparation and transport. It finally puts an end to food stored and cooked in sealed plastic bags. 

With the vaculid, it is possible to create a vacuum in standard GN containers and thermoplates® and store meals over extended periods safely, even pressure-sensitive food like vegetables, fruits or fish. Freshness, taste and nutrients are nearly completely conserved. The food is secured from mechanical influences. In opposition to sealed plastic bags stainless steel containers are reusable - environmental protection is the ultimate aim.

vaculid® gives you full production flexibility in order to produce prior to peak times.

The food is preserved in a natural way (vacuum) and without light exposure. In addition, the water/air-tight lid ensures the safest meal transport of its class.

The most striking feature, however, is the fact that the boiling point in the container is lower due to the vacuum, which enables an optimum low-temperature cooking result. In this way, even the plastic thermoport can be used for cooking.


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GN 1/2

  • vaculid (GN 1/2)
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GN 1/2 GN 1/2

GN 1/3

  • vaculid, GN 1/3
GN 1/3 GN 1/3

GN 1/6

  • vaculid, GN 1/6
GN 1/6 GN 1/6

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