Conveyor carcass, round belt and motor station in modular design.

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Conveyor carcass, flat belt and motor station in modular design.

Stainless steel casing, belt is suitable for use with foodstuffs and antistatic, 295 mm wide, white.
Controls at the end of belt, switchbox with control/fuse box, main switch.
Rotary current motor, stepless adjustment from 2.5 m/min – 10.5 m/min.
Drawer with dirt scraper. Up to 12 m with 1 motor, over 12 m with 2nd motor. With height-adjustable feet +/- 15 mm.
Distance between feet is 2 m.
Functions: belt on/stop/proportional speed display, emergency OFF switch.
Rated voltage 3N AC 400 V 50 Hz.

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