Gastropolar 570 stainless steel door stop left

A tidy house, a tidy mind - GN-compatible storage refridgerator with circulating air refridgeration.

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The gastropolar® is a GN-compatible storage refridgerator with circulating air refridgeration, which stands for a constant temperature in the whole refridgerator. 
Its system of shelves allows the user the perfect utilisation of its inner space. The outside housing is made of galvanized steel plating, electrostatically powder coated and impact resistant in white or stainless steel. The inner chamber is recessed with a floor drain, including plug and made of hygienic, fruit acid resistant polysterene (PS). Sturdy door hinges and an all-round magnetic chamber seal guarantee safety in day-to-day use.

Thanks to the special bearings, the energy-saving and high performance chiller produces little noise or vibrations. Stepless temperature regulation thanks to a room thermostat.

It has an optical and acoustic alarm signal and a lockable door handlebar.

Temperature range approx. +2 °C to +12 °C
(to +32 °C max. ambient temperature).

Door stop DIN right as standard, but can be changed to DIN left. Please adhere to assembly instructions.


L x W x H 750 x 750 x 1864 mm
Volume/Filling volume 583 l
Connected load 0,22 kW
Rated voltage 1 N AC 230 V 50/60 Hz
Applications +2 to +15 °C
Order no. 83 02 04 13

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