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LUX Gastronorm containers

Premium quality made of 1.25 mm stainless steel with wide high-gloss edge for high-end presentation and ultimate self-service experience.
Lux containers are particularly stable thanks to their high-end workmanship. They are dishwasher-proof and available in different depths.  
GN containers are the standard in any canteen today. But the almost endless range of applications goes far beyond food storage and transport. The right combination of containers and lids as well as the right surface optimizes the functionality of the GN container.

They are available in various sizes, depths and designs. The distinct stacking shoulders enable space-saving stacking.

Important information concerning the filling level: Our filling level specifications are based on real food-handling experience: If the containers are filled to the edge, the lid will be in contact with the sauce or meals. This is why we, unlike other manufacturers, use the edge of the stacking shoulder as the point of reference for determining the filling level and not the top edge.


Volume/Filling volume 7 l
Order no. 84 11 01 04

Overview of dimensions

GN 1/1 325 x 530

  • GN 1/1 Lux 65mm
    Artikelnummer:84 11 01 04
  • GN 1/1 Lux 20mm
    Artikelnummer:84 11 01 01
GN 1/1 
325 x 530 GN 1/1
325 x 530

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