Meal tray cool/warm 32mm

The second skin for your food.

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95% of our food are packed in plastic before consumption. Many plastics contain softeners which get in the food by contact with it. It has been proven that softeners have a negative impact on human reproduction.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is hygienic, food-safe, odourless, dishwasher proof, robust and easy to clean. This is why the Qitchenware comprises a stainless steel container and a vacuuming lid or a plastic domed lid. The size and shape comply with Gastronorm.

The stacking shoulder in the corners ensures proper air circulation when stacked. Vacuuming makes food up to 5 times more durable – without freezing.

Protect yourself and your food - the Qitchenware range.
Whether as a buffet tray in hotels, as single portion catering in the care sector or for private use for leftovers and spices. The Qitchenware for any application.
Available in sizes GN 1/9 and GN 1/6, in various depths.


Specific dimensions Made of double-walled stainless steel, with lid
Volume/Filling volume 0,3 l
Specific features On request also polished available
Order no. 85 02 20 04

Overview of dimensions

GN 1/6

  • Meal tray GN 1/6 32mm
    Artikelnummer:85 02 20 22
  • Meal tray GN 1/6 48mm
    Artikelnummer:85 02 20 35
  • Meal tray GN 1/6 91mm
    Artikelnummer:85 02 20 09
GN 1/6 GN 1/6

GN 1/9

  • Meal tray GN 1/9 32mm
    Artikelnummer:85 02 20 66
GN 1/9 GN 1/9

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