Cold Food Serving Trolley

trolley for transporting and distributing of cold food via ladling systems on stations

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Cold Food Serving Trolley

For holding GN containers of size GN 1/1, for serving and portioning cold food.

Trolley made of stainless steel, on face side with pushing handle. With impact protection comprising 4 corner bumpers. 2 swivel casters and 2 swivel casters with brakes, 125 mm diameter. Rustproof casters in accordance with DIN 18867, part 8.

Storage capacity:

3 x GN 1/1 200 mm deep,
3 x GN 1/1 650 mm deep,
9 x GN 1/1 100 mm deep,


L x W x H 1203 x 850/625 x 1100/900 mm
Weight 15 kg
Order no. 88 04 24 01

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