acs 1600 O3

Vertical and horizontal cooking with the new frontcooking station.

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acs 1600 O3

The acs 1600 O3 combines the positive characteristics of a classical food transport trolley with the possibilities of front cooking.
Thanks to the integration of varithek modules and the further developement of the patented airclean fume hood it is now possible not only to keep meals warm but also to cook in front of the guests. The aircleansystem O3 works with new plasma technology and guarantees the recirculation of cleaned air.

In the center there ar two multi-functional cupboards (hygienic standard H3) with 8 pairs of support rails: they can be heatedcooled (not both cupboards at the same time) or used neutrally. This allows low-temperature cooking in the floor cupboard.


L x W x H 1745 x 850 x 1225 mm
Specific dimensions Einstellnische (L x B x H): 1200 x 660 x 250 mm
Weight 195 kg
Rated voltage 3N AC 400V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption max. 22 kW
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