Rolling Buffet kitchen acs O3

The classic with new technology.

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Rolling Buffet acs 1600 O3
For years one of the most successful buffet solutions made by Rieber

Next to the classic hot and cold distribution modules the Rolling Buffet product line is supplemented with a complete kitchen: the Rolling Buffet acs 1600 O3. The newest plasma technology for even a better extraction is integrated into the approved Rolling Buffet.
The air is cleaned in two stages (vapour extraction on three sides):
high-performance grease separators are installed in the left and right side
walls, along with two removable grease collection trays on each side.
The substructure contains the low-noise radial fans, the ozone generators
for clearing smells and four activated carbon filters.

The "kitchen" impresses with its patented filter system: it is very easy to clean as it consists of several, completely demountable parts, which are dish-washer safe. In the seal-welded niche up to three varithek® cooking appliances (with or without a system rack) can take place.

The middle part of the substructure contains two cupboards (H3 hygiene standard) with 8 beadings each. The following cupboard versions are available: 1× hot / 1× cold, 2× neutral, 1× neutral / 1× hot, 1× neutral / 1× cold, 2× hot.


L x W x H 1967 x 820 x 900 mm
Specific dimensions Foldable tray slide & height with top: 1967 x 1150 x 1355 mm
Weight ca. 290 kg
Specific features heated cupboard: + 30 °C to + 110 °
cooled cupboard: + 2 °C to + 10 °C
Rated voltage 3N AC 400V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption max. 22 kW
Safety standards IP X4
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