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Rollito® stands out thanks to its simplicity and clever details. Each element in the Rollito range is purely functional and designed for a specific purpose and can be used on its own or in combination with others allowing it to be expanded as required. Rollito®  can be used in free-flow, line, 45° or 90° angled systems.

Rollito® show case made of stainless steel for placement on top (table-top version with circulating air refrigeration). Tray slide, width 312 mm, on guest side. Side walls in MDF, painted in RAL design system 20 00 black, with all-round decorative strips made of stainless steel; base, side walls and lid are insulated. On operating side 2 glass sliding doors made of LSG 6 mm. Refrigeration output 440 W, evap. temp. -10 °C, Refrigeration range from +6 ? to +12 ?. Evaporator and fan mounted at the top in the lid. Evaporator well with drain for condensation water.

6 serving flaps on guest side made of polyester. Interior with lighting and 2 shelves, each 1,026 x 480 mm, made of LSG glass. With circulating air refrigeration, automatic defrosting function and condensation water evaporation, complete with integrated refrigeration machine. Refrigeration machine compartment mounted on left of operating side (on right on request).

Including thermostat with digital display, on/off switch, refrigerant R134 a., 4 swivel casters, rust free casters, in accordance with DIN 18867, part 8, wheel diameter 125mm Ready-for-connection with power cable 2 m with earthed plug.
Connected load 370 W, rated voltage 1 N AC 230 V 50/60 Hz. Storage capacity 9 x GN 1/1.


L x W x H 1431 x 597 x 752 mm
Connected load 0,37 kW
Rated voltage 1 N AC 230 V 50/60 Hz
Applications +6 bis +12 °C
Order no. 83 03 11 01

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