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All products of the Qitchenware range have been developed with great attention to detail. They are both highly functional and beautifully designed. 
 This set in a GN size of 1/3 consists of a closed GN container with a depth of 65 mm, shelf insert, vaculid and vacuum pump and will set new standards. 

In order to slow down the natural decay of food, maintain top food quality as long as possible, avoid smells and taste transfer as well as transporting food safely, you will need specially designed technology. This set will fulfil all of the above requirements. 

Both the shape and material are well thought through. Due to the rectangular shape of the containers, the available (fridge) space can be used more efficiently than with conventional round bowls.

The stainless steel container is another benefit. Many of the foods we buy are packaged in plastic material. We now know that many plastics contain plasticisers, which may get absorbed by the food. With our stainless steel containers the food is safely stored - with a number of benefits. Stainless steel is hygienic, food-safe, odourless, dishwasher-proof and robust, which makes it ideally suited for daily use. 

Our technology is extremely robust and fully fit for daily use. Creating a vacuum with this set is very easy.


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