EPG-Q 1/1-580

open, closed, unheated, circulating air-heated

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Product Profile

Built-in platform dispenser made of stainless steel with square
support frame for insertion of baskets.

Platform guided in a tilt and twist safe way. Dispensing level adjustable by means of springs.

Design EPO = open
Design EPG = inside with all-round stainless steel panelling
Design EPU = inside with all-round stainless steel panelling, with thermal insulation.

Fully wired. On/off switch, thermostat controller +30°C to +110°C. Switch panel for installation.
Lid made of stainless steel with handles.
Rated voltage 1N AC 230 V 50 Hz.
Heated dispenser is not suitable for use of plastic baskets!


L x W x H 666 x 628 x 580 mm
Specific dimensions Dimensions of exterior casing: 666 x 628 mm, platform measurements: 535 x 535 mm, basket and tray measurements: 530 x 530 mm, stacking hight: 430 mm
Weight 20 kg
Max. load 70 kg
Specific features Cut-out for cover: 656 x 615 mm
Order no. 89 03 02 01

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