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thermoport 10 range for single portions. The perfect multipath system for meals on wheels.

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thermoport® 10

The thermoport® reusable system for "Meals on Wheels" distinguishes itself by its sophisticated design preserving the taste of the meals inside.

Robust quality product from food-safe plastic material, optimum insulation ratings, fully dishwasher-safe up to +90 °C. Available in models 10 / 10 D / 10 KW. All models share the modular design of the containers, which is exactly adapted to the sizes of the meal and side dish trays. This means that all trays can be used with any of the 10-series thermoport® models. You can choose between 3-compartment or undivided meal tray, one or two additional side dish tray, cold or hot meals or the combination of cold and hot meals in one unit (10 KW).
Thanks to the built-in latent heat storage system in the meal tray hot fresh meals can be transported the best way possible. Of course, the meal trays can also be used for cold fresh meals, e.g. supper. To that end, they must be chilled before filling.


L x W x H 380 x 220 x 153 mm
Volume/Filling volume 2 l
Order no. 85 02 01 01

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