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thermoport® 21

The customized solution for reusable individual portioning system. For fresh or regenerated meals with round porcelain plate. Meals can be prepared in an attractive and appetizing manner. Ideal for transporting meals with soup and 2 side dishes.

Rieber offers various systems for transport of fresh and regenerated meals:
In the case of fresh meals, a heat pellet ensures reliable temperature maintenance during transport. In the case of regenerated meals, meal trays with induction coating and a special induction stove (Menu Induc module) provide for hot meals directly at the consumer's location. With the Menu Induc module (grey), the meals can be induction-regenerated quickly and gently (mains voltage 1N AC 230 V 180 W 50 Hz). Adjusted to cold and hot zone isolation of thermoport® models 21 P2.1 and 21 P2.2. Cold and hot zones are isolated from one another, which enables hot and cold meals to be supplied at the same time.
® 21 from food-safe plastic material, optimum insulation ratings, fully dishwasher-safe up to +90 °C. Available in four standard modules, incl. equipment. Modular design. Choose between 2-compartment or undivided meals plate, induction-coated or not induction-coated. Grey, red handle and locks, with insert card.


L x W x H 454 x 364 x 111 mm
Specific dimensions Speisenteller ohne Teilung (Durchmesser 230 mm) aus Porzellan, mit Deckel aus Polysulfon bzw. Polypropylen, Wärmepellet
Order no. 85 02 07 11

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