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Varithekbuffet offers diners a special culinary experience. The cooking module, modules for keeping food warm and chilled, a neutral module, a cash till module and a corner module can be combined freely depending on space and specific requirements.

The panelling can also be adapted to match the individual style of the furnishings.
Neutral module with integrated airclean3d®  circulating air extraction system and recessed storage space. Stainless steel worktop. Available in two different versions:

With recessed storage space 1055 x 580 x 160 mm  e.g. for max.
3 x GN-port 1/1 (Model RBS-NM-AIR, RBS-NM-AIR-F, RBS-NM-AIRZ, RBS-NM-AIR-F-Z), beneath worktop, stainless steel panel with 3 earthed sockets 230 V, 16 A.
Substructure: open, stainless steel tubular frame, with 2 stainless steel hinged doors, double-walled. Integrated circulating air extraction system airclean3d® (2-level) with activated carbon filter, centrifugal filter, fine grease filter and grease collection trays, removable. Stainless steel top with built-in 36 W lighting and removable glass shelf, ON/OFF switch, plus 2 step switches for extraction system on right.

Stainless steel panel on guest side. Installed on stainless steel feet, with chromed base, adjustable, floor clearance 160 mm. Alternatively supplied in mobile design with 4 double swivel casters with brake, dia. 125 mm, in plastic.

Electrical equipment: ready for connection, power cable on right, 3 m long, with CEE plug, 400 V. Electrical connected load: max. 10.5 kW.
Rated voltage 3 N AC 400 V 50 Hz/60 Hz.


L x W x H 1180 x 780 x 900 (1225) mm
Connected load 0,4 kW
Rated voltage 3 N AC 400 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 10,5 kW
Order no. 92 50 01 07

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